30 Days Of Halloween Movies | A Halloween Tradition

October 25, 2017

It’s Halloween! The most, wonderful time, of the year! Okay – well maybe the second most wonderful next to Christmas. But I love Halloween! To me there is just something so fun and amazing about an entire month (if you do it proper – maybe a week or two if you’re a Debbie Downer) dedicated to ghosts, ghouls and cheap scares.

One of my yearly traditions kicks off on October 1st. That day that marks the beginning of my annual “30 Days of Halloween Movies” celebration. Over the next 30 days, I watch a “scary” movie for every day of the month. Some of them are scarier than others. Some of them are certainly better production quality than others. But even the campy ones are part of the fun!

As we are dwindling down into our final few days of the month, I wanted to share my list with you. If you haven’t been participating in a similar movie-thon yourself, this list will be a great way to narrow down your own selections for the coming days!

While I have my tried and true scary films I normally go to. This year I tried to incorporate some that I either haven’t seen, or have not seen in a very long time. Also, most all of these are streaming on either Netflix or Hulu!

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October 22, 2017
30 Day Gallon Water Challenge | Andrew Jones-Brothers

The 30 Day Gallon Water Challenge – 30 gallons of water in 30 days. Sounds easy right? For a guy who almost never likes to drink water, it definitely was not the case! This is a brief chronicle of the last month I spent drinking 1 gallon of water every day. The benefits, the issues, positives and negatives. PLUS what I would have done differently if I had it to do over again.

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MENS FALL TRENDS 2017 | The 5 Staple Items + Shopping Your Closet

October 15, 2017
MENS FALL TRENDS 2017 | The 5 Staple Items + Shopping Your Closet | Andrew Jones-Brothers

This week I asked those of you who follow me on Instagram what you wanted this next installment to be about – and you told me! Nearly 70% of you guys voted for a fashion blog so here we are!

Today we are going to be talking 5 Staple Fall 2017 Trends for Men. For the ladies out there who want their men a little more fashion forward – stay tuned because this might just help you out a bit!

Since this is my first blog on trends and fashion, how I’m going to handle it is I will talk about the trend first. Then I’ll provide a few items that I’ve found that fit the trend that span several price points. And of course, I’ll include links to everything as well!

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Three Embarrassing GROOMING Tricks I NEVER Leave Home Without Doing

October 9, 2017
Three Embarrassing GROOMING Tricks I NEVER Leave Home Without Doing | Andrew Jones-Brothers

This week I’m sharing with you my three “must do” Grooming Tips that I never leave the house without doing. Although some are a little embarrassing – these super quick tricks will immediately help you look your best!

What’s more – 2 of these big three can be done with something you already use every day (no products to buy!). Enjoy – be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already – and be sure to post any questions or comments in the comments section below!

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Running With The Bulls of Pamplona | The San Fermín Festival

October 5, 2017
Running With The Bulls of Pamplona | The San Fermín Festival | Andrew Jones-Brothers

Pamplona – the city of “Bucket List” check-off’s And what a trip to Pamplona it was! We were set to stay in Pamplona for 5 days and 4 nights. The longest we had stayed in any single location during our trip to Spain. I’m not really one for group travel, but after my stint in Pamplona, I’m thoroughly convinced – there are a few events in this world you need to attend with professionals.

The San Fermín Festival is most definitely one of those events! I apologize ahead of time for the quality of some of these photos. But San Fermín is no place for a camera you care about. As a result, several of these were just taken with my iPhone.

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Gold and Charcoal Black Face Masks | The Best I’ve Used | Skincare Series

October 1, 2017
Gold and Charcoal Black Face Masks | The Best I’ve Used | Skincare Series | Andrew Jones-Brothers

Welcome back to the blog. This is another skincare series request I’ve had from a couple different people so today we are tackling skin care MASKS!

I’ll be sharing with you the best skin masks I’ve used in recent history – including my favorite gold masks, charcoal black face masks and even a couple of my favorites that are less than $2!  We have a LOT to cover so let’s dive right in!

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Splendors of Sevilla – Part 3

September 29, 2017
Splendors of Sevilla 3 | Andrew Jones-Brothers

Picking up in Sevilla right where we left off. After the Alcazar we headed straight to our reserved time for the Seville Cathedral. In case you missed it in the previous blog – this is the Cathedral where Christopher Columbus is buried! I’m going to let the photos do most of the talking with this installment. Because, honestly, talk would probably just cheapen the amazing architecture and details.

Though not as impressive as the Sagrada Familia (hard to think of anything I’ve seen that compares), the Seville Cathedral was an amazing structure in it’s own right. In addition to the spectacular representation of gothic architecture, it was also pretty fantastic to know that we were standing in the burial place of the man who would eventually become responsible for The United States of America.

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A Weekend in Colorado

September 25, 2017
A Weekend In Colorado | Andrew Jones-Brothers

We travel a lot; however, when we are in Colorado, we try to take advantage of the natural beauty that the state has to offer hiking and camping. Enjoy a peek into one of our weekends in August we spent camping at Rainbow Lakes for the Persied Meteor Shower!

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Splendors of Sevilla – Part 2

September 21, 2017
Splendors of Sevilla Part 2 | Andrew Jones-Brothers

We woke up early Day 2 in Sevilla and quickly got dressed and headed out for a full day. We first trekked back to the Alfonso XIII for breakfast with the parents. All I can say is wow! The breakfast and setting were both absolutely gorgeous! I really didn’t get many photos of the interior of the courtyard (it didn’t feel like the place to lug out my SLR), but I candidly grabbed a couple on my phone to give you an idea. The breakfast buffet spanned a corridor much like the one below with tables on either side filled with amazing food, fresh fruit, juices, meats, cheeses, you name it.

I finally found something I had been looking for the entire trip; my guilty pleasure – pan au chocolat! Add to that the never ending supply of café con leche and they are lucky I even left.

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