Hello! And welcome to my blog! I’m Andrew Jones-Brothers. This is probably my third blog I’ve attempted to start in the last decade, but I finally think I have a winner as this is the blog I’ve always wanted to do. The blog will aim to focus on topics I really enjoy, ranging from; travel and grooming, to lifestyle, health and skincare – who knows, maybe even a little marketing or real estate in there as well (my “day job”).

This blog is going to be supplemented and tied in with my Instagram (feed and story), Youtube, and — I’m going to attempt to keep up on Twitter (definitely not my favorite). So be sure to connect and subscribe using the links at the top or bottom of this page! Also, I love feedback and to hear from you guys as well. So, feel free to drop me a comment, tweet, whatever your forte so I can start to meet some of you guys.

Without further adieu, let’s jump right in with the first travel post to Barcelona!

– Andrew Jones-Brothers

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